Acid Reflux Diet Stops Heartburn!

You need an acid reflux diet if you can't eat and drink what you want, without having heartburn afterwards. 

Heartburn after meals means:

  1. You have a weakness in the stomach valve that normally seals off your stomach.
  2. Certain foods trigger your heartburn. You need to avoid them.

Foods That Trigger Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux Diet: Food Additives

Food additives like sweeteners, dyes, colors and preservatives trigger your body to release histamine. Histamine, normally only released to combat infections, causes swelling and inflammation.  

Inside your digestive system, it causes irritation of your small intestine and esophagus. If you have acid reflux combined with headaches, eczema, asthma or chronic sinusitis, you may be histamine intolerant. You need to follow an acid reflux diet with less processed foods, beverages and candy. 

Acid Reflux Diet: Caffeine

Caffeine in coffee, tea and chocolate boosts your energy, but has a relaxing effect on your lower esophageal sphincter.  Drink water instead of coffee, and herbal tea instead of black tea! Your stomach valve will appreciate it.  Eat an apple instead of chocolate. It digests quickly and leaves your stomach valve alone. 

Acid Reflux Diet: Carbs

You are what you eat, and so are the bacteria that reside in your intestines.  Microbiologists  know that different diets create different gut flora.  Eating too much grains, creates a gut full of carb-loving bacteria. These multiply rapidly and expel gas that pushes on your stomach and drives acid out of your stomach. This situation is called Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.

The good news is that you can change the type of bacteria that lives in your gut, by serving your bacteria different food.  An acid reflux diet with less carbs, more vegetables and enough protein restore you gut's microbiome and stop acid reflux. 

Acid Reflux Diet: FODMAP's

Yes. FODMAPS. It is an acronym that stands for a specific group of sugars in fruit, vegetables, artificial sweeteners and milk.  Following a low FODMAP diet is particularly useful in people who have both bowel issues and heartburn. A FODMAP diet is a very strict diet. After a month, you reintroduce different food groups until you know what causes your heartburn and irritable bowel. 

The Advantage Of Having Acid Reflux

Having heartburn has one advantage. It forces you to focus at your health.  Each time you have had too much many coffee, chocolate, greasy foods or processed food, your stomach let's you know.

To get better, you start paying attention at what you eat. Combine that with exercise for acid reflux, and acid reflux becomes a motivator to start leading a healthy life.  That is why I call it an advantage to have heartburn. Your weak stomach valve becomes your body's strength. 

How To Eat

Not Too Much At Once

A healthy stomach valve doesn't allow any acid to leave your stomach. But if you have heartburn, your stomach valve can't handle much pressure.  During digestion, your stomach muscles raise pressure on your stomach by kneading and pushing your food. Digestive juices and enzymes mix with your stomach content to breakdown your food. Stomach muscle contractions raise pressure on your stomach for several hours after you've eaten.  To stop heartburn, you need to reduce the amount of food and calories you put in your mouth. Be gentle for your stomach to lower pressure inside. Eat smaller meals and reduce your daily calorie intake to get rid of acid reflux.

Take Your Time

Relax and take your time to chew properly and eat slowly.  Chewing breaks your food down into smaller particles. That makes them easier to digest. 

Big particles that are not enough chewed, feed greedy bacteria in your intestines that expel gas and put pressure on your stomach. Small intestine bacterial overgrowth is a common cause of acid reflux.

That is why fluid-like meals such as soups or porridge can swish up from the stomach. They don't spend enough time inside your mouth to mix them with the digestive enzymes of your saliva. 

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