Manuka Honey Acid Reflux?

Manuka honey acid reflux solution? Probably the sweetest remedy for stopping heartburn! Discover why manuka honey really works, and where to buy the best manuka honey:

What Is It?

Manuka honey is a completely natural product, made by bees. A tablespoon of honey stops acid reflux and heartburn.
Honeybees gather their nectar from the white flowers of the Manuka Tree. A Manuka Tree, some call it Tea Tree, only grows in the unspoiled areas of New Zeeland and Australia.

Many raw honeys have got antibacterial properties. Bees add an enzyme, called glucose oxidase, to their honey to protect the hive against disease. Glucose oxidase is an antibacterial agent that most honeys contain. Honey from the tea tree, has something extra: 

Why Is Manuka Honey Different? 

Antibacterial MGO

The nectar of manuka flowers has a high concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO).  A strong antibacterial compound hat fights inflammation your stomach and esophagus. That's what makes manuka honey a natural super food!

Levels of methyglyoxal in honey can vary depending upon circumstances. The manuka trea has a short flowering period, so harvest timing is crucial. Other factors such as other plants flowering nearby and hive placement all influence the quality of  the honey. 

Indepedent Testing

All manuka honey needs to be tested by indepent laboratories in New Zealand. They certificate and rate the honey with a UMF factor.  The UMF factor indicates  how much active ingredient it contains.

To treat a stomach inflammation or an irritation of your esophagus, it is better to use manuka honey with a high UMF factor. Use one that has at least a 10+ or even better a 20+ factor for stopping acid reflux.

How Does Honey Stop Acid Reflux?

Viscous Raft

If you consume raw honey after a meal, it acts as a viscous raft on top of your gastric content. Flowing on top of your gastric juices, it forms a heavy physical barrier that keeps your stomach acid down. 

Sticky Coating

Another quality of honey it that it’s sticky. It coats your esophagus when you pour it down your throat, forming a protective shield against any escaped stomach acid. 

Stomach Ulcer

Manuka honey with a high UMF factor,kills bacteria from mouth to stomach. Manuka honey kills H. pilory bacterium, the one that cause stomach ulcers.

Manuka honey treats lesions in your esophagus, caused by stomach acid. In case of Barret’s esophagus, a prestage of esophageal cancer, manuka honey can be used as a supplement to conventional treatment.

Sience Behind MGO Manuka Honey

Recent research comfirms the antibacterial properties of  honey from the manuka tree in New Zealand.  A team of Australian reseachers of the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents tested different types of honey on wounds. These were infected with the resistant bacteria staphylococcus aureus.  Only manuka tree honey was able to kill this bacteria and heal the wound.

Where To Buy Manuka Honey Acid Reflux

Go for a high-end brand, that only sells the best manuka honey. UMG must be above 10, preferably above 20.  This one is 100 % pure New Zealand Honey 25+:

Diabetes And Manuka Honey Benefits

If you are a diabetes patient, you can still use manuka honey for treating heartburn. Honey counts as sugar in your diabetes eating plan. One tablespoon of honey contains about 17 grams of carbohydrates.

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