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I am Jeroen, a Belgian Physiotherapist. I have studied physiotherapy in Bruges, graduated in 2002, did a master in Manual Therapy at the university in Leuven and attended numerous courses at the university Gent. I have my own private practice, where I treat mostly patients with neck- and back problems. 

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I have acid reflux and heartburn since I was a kid. As a student, my digestion problems became worse (unhealthy eating, beer, stress and less movement).  I went to see a gastrologist, specialized in stomach problems who ordered a gastroscopic exam to check my stomach. He discovered a hiatal hernia and started treating me with nexiam. For me this was fantastic. Pop a pill and eat and drink what you want. After a couple of months, my symptoms came back. I went to see him again and told him that symptoms were returning. No problem, his said, let's double your dose.

Since I was studying human anatomy, physiology and pathology to become a physiotherapist, I wanted to know what pills I was taking. I dived into the medical research about acid reflux medication. I saw more and more articles that raised questions about the growing use of acid reflux medication. I discovered that taking acid reflux drugs has important downsides: risk on diarrhea, risk on osteoporis, risk on Vitamin defiencies and risk on allergy development. Since I had several allergies, I became worried that these drugs weren't the magical cure for me. 

That 's when my search for remedies for acid reflux began. I discovered that I could control heartburn without drugs. A diet, exercise and no more alcohol had the same effect as a pills! That's why I wrote this website. To share the information that I have discovered. Knowledge is power: Understand your condition and with enough discipline, you can stop acid reflux.

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