Baking Soda And Acid Reflux

If you are looking for a simple way to stop acid reflux, baking soda might be for you. Probably, you have it in your kitchen somewhere, so try it out and see if it works for you. Cheap, easy and effective.

What Is It?

The chemical name is pure sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3).  Combined with an acidic ingredient, it forms carbon dioxide gas, water and salt. You can use this chemical reaction to combat acid reflux. Mix it with water and ingest it to neutralize upward traveling stomach acid.

Is Baking Soda A Natural Product?

It Comes From Natural Deposits

Most of it comes from Green River in Wyoming in the US, where four mining companies supply 1/4 of the world. Green river has large salt deposits, called trona. Trona minerals come from an ancient, 50 million years old, dried out lake.  Mining companies dig up trona, crush it and heat it until it turns into soda ash. These ashes contain sodium carbonate (used in glass industry) and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

Your Own Body Creates It!

Your pancreas naturally produces natrium bicarbonate. It neutralizes acid stomach content that leaves your stomach, to avoid damage in your small intestine. That doesn't mean that you can ingest as much as you want. It isn't natural to have large quantities of sodium bicarbonate in your esophagus and stomach. Normally it only comes in to play, after stomach digestion. As home remedy to stop heartburn, we use it before digestion.

How To Use It For Stopping Acid Reflux

Dissolve one tablespoon in half a cup of water and drink it down. The fast relief  can be particularly useful for acid reflux at night.  Don't use ice cold water, because the low water temperature hinders good function of digestive enzymes. If hate the salty taste, you can buy it in capsules or tablets instead of a solution.


Mixing a small amount of this white powder for heartburn relief doesn't include much risks. Sodium Bicarbonate isn't toxic and your pancreas produces it. 

However everything is dose-dependent. Don't start drinking 10 glasses of sodium bicarbonate per day. Research reports cases of hospital admissions after excessive use of bicarbonate to get relief from heartburn.

People who have medical conditions such as high blood pressure, liver or kidney diseases or edema need to pay attention. If your doctor has put you on a low salt diet, you can't take too much baking soda either. Pregnant woman and nursing mothers can't use it because of a possible influence on their baby. 

Don't give any sodium bicarbonate to small children or babies.

Sodium Bicarbonate Or Antacids?

Baking soda makes a perfect stand-in for more expensive acid reflux medication. It is a natural product that acts in the same way as acid reflux medication such as maalox or rennie.

It helps to stop acute heartburn, but it isn't a long-term solution to stop acid reflux. Since it alters your stomach's PH, it interferes with proper digestion. If you have recurrent acid reflux, try to treat it with acid reflux remedies and go see your family doctor.

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