Unpleasant But Painless

by Joris Fusters
(Leuven, Belgium)

My doctor was very gentle and talked to me during the entire procedure. He told me not to panic, what he was doing, how long it would last, and that it was normal that saliva leaked out of my mouth. Since you can't talk with a tube in your mouth, it is nice to have your doctor talking you through it.

The endoscope looked and felt like a garden hose that needs to be swallowed. Once you have done that, you need to wait until it's done.

During the exam, I had a constant urge to swallow or vomit. You want to clear your throat and get that damn thing out. But you can't, so you feel a bit sick.

Afterwards, I felt fine and drove home myself. I was hungry so I ate immediately. I didn't feel sick and was glad it was over!

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