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by Honey
(Victoria, Australia)

Hello, I have been dealing with a stage illness for the past 15 yrs, Unfortunately in that time no doctor has been able to help.. It seems to be a hereditary problem on the female side this far.(I have no Diagnoses to this day)

It started off i got sick one summer with what seemed like a summer cold..then around 2 weeks later my jaw completely seized up and then it went from one or 2 symptoms to nearly 300, no one could help me..
Thought trial and era i come to realize it was foods, chemicals, molds ect doing this to me.I put myself on a gluten, dairy, soy free diet and began to feel better, not back to what l was, but better.

I went to an Allergies specialist, who put me on a very restricted diet. Of 5 foods.Since he did this, i have never been able to add foods back in with out reactions. Which can very from the extreme seizures,shortness of breath ( a what seems to be a food related sleep apnea) (which is what my question is all about) to the lesser rashes, itching ect..

Now it's this food reaction sleep apnea( for the lack of a better diagnoses ) that lm hoping you may have heard about.

For example the other day , i tried a new sea salt on my dinner, l didn't feel well and became very tiered quickly l was sitting up in a arm chair and decided to have a nap , when l woke up GASPING for air ( this happens with SOME foods and chemicals foods)and scares the life out of me..

I was talking to a lady the other day who also had this happen to her, she took a heartburn tablet which stopped this . A drug called Nexuim (Australian Medication) for GERD/heartburn .. i Started to take this medication, in small doses as l upped the dose l felt a rash of energy to the point after a few days it was to much and stopped. i truly was hoping this was going to be an answer ..

I have also tried taking Zertec and antihistamine, l took 1/8 of a tablet. to see how l would go, when i to needed to go to sleep. I became very disorientated and my blood pressure must have risen l could actually feel my pulse in my neck the size of a golf ball( i thought i was going to die that night)Then there was this almighty crack in my head, not my actual skull, sorry there is no other way to explain it this crack in my head, l felt and heard it . i just need to sleep and hoped for the best, as l was not able to get myself to a phone for help.

Have you ever heard of anything like this before?, can you recommend a good heartburn medication for people with histamine/salicylate intolerance?( my own diagnoses)

Thank you very much, any help is very appreciated.

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Sep 21, 2018
by: HB

Thank you
Yes l have done everything you have suggested, I do l have a few true allergies and yes l keep clear from them.
I think I have seen over 100 doctors easy in the 15 yrs unfortunately as l can’t tolerate any medications and very little food it makes it hard to try anything that may help
Most doctors just put me on the merry go round and push me off to the next doctors. As for hereditary all the women in my family suffer from the same trouble with no dignoises for them neither

Sep 21, 2018
Proper diagnosis
by: Jeroen

That’ s quite story! Thank you for sharing.

1. You say that you have an inherent illnnes. Can you be more specific?
2. Allergies must be tested in a medical practice. Once you know them, you can avoid them
3. Intolerances are not the same as allergies
4. Nexium is medication for you stomach
5. Zyrtec is a antihistaminicum , which helps to lower the severity of allergie reactions.

My best advice is to go see a medical allergy specialist ánd a medical stomach specialist for proper diagnosis. Once you know what s going wrong, you can see which remedies and/or medications can help you.

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