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Where do food habits come from?

Your first paragraph ...Children's favorite foods are bread, pasta, candy and flavored drinks. Processed foods that are high in grains, sugar and and food additives. 

Eating habits form childhood carry over into adulthood. Snacking all day, for example is a habit that is difficult to change later on. At work, you continue to snack between meals. 

An acid reflux If you aren't blessed with the iron stomach of many of your friends, you are doomed to change your diet.One of the biggest roadblocks to a life without heartburn is changing your diet.  Since your childhood, you have developed certain food habits that are hard to change 

Google „acid reflux diet” and you get results ranging from „7 foods that cause acid reflux”, to lifestyle changes and foods to avoid”. Useful information, but not explaining the real reason why you should avoid certain foods.

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